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        About Us
        Contact Us
        Contact Us
        Quanzhou Kesheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Add£ºFujian Quanzhou Huian County, South Industrial Zone on the 1st road on the 8th
        Tel£º0595-22102564¡¢36362968        0595-36362978¡¢36362960
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        Quality Pledge:
        An after-sales service commitment - allowing users to become truly God
        The unit tracking service : create a user profile ; regularly organize user access, strengthen communication with the user . Implement Corise service aims to carry forward the spirit of service Corise , so users are not satisfied with the quality of the service does not stop . Ensure timely supply of spare parts required by customers .
        2 , the installation service commitment - thoughtful and meticulous technical support
        Product structural features, design intent , installation notes , drawings to answer questions ; send technical personnel to permanent site , installation guide, to solve technical problems ; organized technical personnel , conduct special technical services.
        3 , product delivery commitments - timely and reliable operation is guaranteed progress
        In accordance with the contract, delivery on time sequence ; component package delivery, easy installation on site ; optimize packaging design to ensure stable and reliable ; take appropriate measures to ensure that products in the handling and transport process is not lost , no damage , no distortion, no rust, intact arrived on the scene ; nice hair, not omission , to ensure accurate and timely products delivered to the site .
        Quality service system :
        1, the company's quality policy, objectives and commitments
        1 ) Our quality policy: strict standards implementation , work fine, fine products , customer satisfaction
        2 ) The company's quality goals: leading domestic and international standards , and strive to achieve the effective operation of the quality system quality , system review time through a process of cross- examination of qualified products and put into operation a success.
        3 ) the company's commitment to quality : the General Manager of the Company's commitment to provide quality products , service quality full responsibility.
        2 , management responsibilities
        1 ) , general manager of the final product quality and quality management is responsible for the company as vice president of quality and technology management representative responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining quality systems.
        2 ) None of the systems and units, the team leaders on the jurisdiction of the quality of the work and product quality full responsibility.
        3 ) to engage in quality-related management , implementation and verification of personnel qualifications and be recognized by the general authorization .
        4 ) General management review conducted annually to ensure that the quality system continuing suitability and effectiveness.
        3 , quality improvement
        Over the years, Corise company's product quality has been steadily improving . In order to fully meet the user 's explicit and implicit growing quality requirements , the company will continue to improve the quality system , management improvement , improvement, and then improvement , quality improvement , improvement, further improvements to achieve product " ten one " to ensure that the domestic like product leading level , and can reach the international advanced level of similar products , the full realization of the company's quality policy and objectives , creating Corise products for brand-name products .
        4 , product quality, " ten one "
        Not a mixed base metal , weld a non- inferiority
        A good size , the internal one is not dirty ,
        Paint meticulous , packing a lot,
        Not a bad delivery , transport a without prejudice ,
        Pressure Yigebulou , 168 pass .
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